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China National Shipbuilding Equipment & Materials Corporation (CSEMC) is a state-operated enterprise of goods,materials and equipment in shipbuilding line and related industries. It was established in 1989.CSSC and CSIC posses respectively 50 percent of it's stock.

Have it's headquarters in Beijing. CSEMC is of ten subsidiaries in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shengyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Jiujiang, Kunming, Taiyuan and Beijing. In addition, there are more than ten holding companies or joint ventures in Xiamen, Chengdu etc. Our business scope covers medium and small ships, marine equipment, metallic materials, nonmetallic materials, log, construction materials, chemical products, coal, oil products, light industrial products, textiles, garments as well as machineries and electric equipment. Undertaking joint venture businesses, compensation trade, barter trade, real estate development and management, marine product development, automobile tenancy and maintenance and building fitment. The working models are composed of offer, wholesale, retail, purchase agency, sale agency, consultation and service etc. CSEMC takes the right of import and export, the competency of complete sets of equipment and the qualification of inviting public bidding of machineries and electric instruments.

CSEMC has become a large-scale trading corporation by its ten years of development. It is on the top class in comparison with china's 100 large capital-goods trading corporations and companies. Our corporation has established extensive connections with shipbuilders manufacturers, producers, commerial and technological constitutions and consultants both in China and abroad. CSEMC has a powerful contengent of technical and trading personnel. At your best service is CSEMC.

Address:5 Yuetan beijie, Beijing ,China Post Code:100861
Phone:(86)010-59518712/13/15/16/17 Fax:(86)010-59518718 E-mail:yangjun@csemc.com

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